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imageNow as we have the basic template, let’s fetch the price then save it to a chart image file: The flow begins inside chart function where we first fetch price, plot it on a chart, save it to a file images/fig1.png then send it as a response image into the chat. Bitsgap presents this new trading bot as a fully automated solution that is capable of generating returns without any human involvement. All traders need to do is to allocate a desirable amount of funds, while the Scalper bot will do the rest.

An integral part of every (meme?)coin group is the ability to view an up-to-date chart without leaving the chat. Coins such as Doge, Shib and Hoge triggered a meme coin craze lasting for months. Every meme coin needs a community to create and maintain hype and such community is best kept thriving via Telegram groups. Telegram is well known for the useful bots you can interact with such as Captcha bots, Rose and many more. Today, we will learn how to bootstrap such a chart bot for your crypto trade bot project.

I will use LunaDoge coin in this tutorial, so the code and url will look like this: We will pull current coin information from Coingecko and use Python for the purpose. Referencing their free api it’s easy to pull 15-min point price info for the past 24hrs for a coin. It is a technique that’s used either to average your buying price or as the "Martingale technique", which you use when a position is in a deep loss. Merlin can also use DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) trading bot strategy!

You will make a profit sooner when the price rises again. This high-frequency trading solution is designed for making profits even from the slightest price fluctuations. 15, Bitsgap, a leading provider of automated solutions for crypto trading, released its latest development – the Scalper bot. You also need to be able to collect market data that is high quality, so they aren’t just looking at random data that doesn’t really have anything to do with the strategies you are trying to execute.

In case of a dramatic market fall, the Scalper bot won’t be just sitting there waiting when the price gets back to the trading range, like most of the existing grid bots on the market. Instead, it will follow the price to buy an additional amount of the base currency in order to reduce the overall entry price and hedge risks. 15 even to those Bitsgap users having no paid subscription. The option is available for kucoin live trading until Dec.

To make the release even more exciting, Bitsgap has teamed up with the top-5 crypto exchange KuCoin, wherein anyone can try the new bot. Just remember though that a crypto trade bot trading bot is, at the end of the day, just a piece of software, kucoin trading bot which means that there is no guarantee of a profit for any investor out there, no matter how dedicated you are to the cause. For example, if after launching a bot with an investment of 1,000 USD, the base coin rate decreases and the total assets of the bot are estimated at 1,050 USD, then the Change value becomes + 5%.

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