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They was tranfered all the Bitcoin out. No offering any assistance. The scammer hacked to my phone by using system call Anydesk. After that they informed me they decided to close my account. If you used this trading app,I recommend you to use money for charity. I contacted them, they said their system was very secure so they are not taken any responsibility with my lost. If you don't want to end up with empty hand. I was loss around 20K USD. It is more meaningful.

imageIn this new crypto bull market , Binance has emerged as an even bigger behemoth than before, with multiple divisions that tackle charity, investments and acquisitions, as well as a non-fungible token marketplace to be launched in June.

Some of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges are staying put in Russia, breaking ranks with mainstream finance in a decision that experts say weakens Western attempts to isolate Moscow following the invasion of Ukraine.

They now own a share in Forbes so they can timely publish media and news articles instead of tweaking numbers on the back end of their exchange as they have many platform investigations and court cases looming!

Some of the world's biggest cryptocurrency exchanges are staying put in Russia, breaking ranks with mainstream finance in a decision that experts say weakens Western attempts to isolate Moscow following the invasion of Ukraine.

Read more or publically, what is this a communist platform? None of the existing support chat logs are obtainable through the website and there is no proof you have spoken to them so they can avoid liability.

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance on Thursday said cardholders of sanctioned Russian banks would not be able to use them on their platform and confirmed that sanctioned individuals have had their access restricted.

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An overall impact of this development will boost the adoption of the digital asset, BNB. With new things emerging in the cryptosphere, digital assets like Binance Coin have an excellent opportunity to make a large user base and crypto step its authority in the crypto market. One significant advantage for Binance BNB coin is that it is backed by the Binance exchange, which helps in the expansion of the crypto asset.

"And a lot of failures before that. "People say that but they don't account for the 17 years before that where I tried various different things and BNB built up the experience, a team, and network, etc," he said. So for me, it's 17 years plus 180 days."

It also gives proprietary server-end security service that allows dynamically allotted assets to minimize any risk and a cutting-edge cold-hot server separation. The private keys can be stored in the multi-signature cards. Binance Coin holders will now have a secure platform that will provide them with a multi-factor authentication system which is a modern user-end security system. So, overall, the crypto wallet has an industrial level security ecosystem.

At the moment, it supports over thirty coins and almost 700 tokens. It also gives PoS cloud staking rewards to the holders up to 40% per annum. Cobo is the very first digital assets wallet that originates PoS (Proof of Stake) and master node pooling to allow users to store their digital currencies safely, use and invest in cryptocurrencies – that all within a single app.

"I just thought this is the future. I understood that it's going to be much bigger than the internet," he said. "I couldn't catch on to that trend, I was just working as a junior guy, but I thought I definitely will not miss this one, so I just went all-in"

"If you use fiat to do cross-border transactions, it's actually very difficult and you get really creamed on the conversion rates," he said. "If you exchange currency at an airport, you lose about 10% each time so the cost is very high."

The addition of Binance Coin (BNB) to Cobo wallet is an outstanding development for the digital asset. It will allow BNB holders with an excellent option to opt such a wallet which is one of its very own type providing with the master node and PoS Pool skating services. Moreover, the transaction fee is zero, which adds a great advantage for a buyer. It also delivers zero-latency transfers between the Cobo wallet users.

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