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Binance announced that users in most countries around the world can now buy cryptocurrency in the platform using Visa Card . The feature is available through Instant Buy and provides new opportunities for more users around the globe.

Early investors criticized Bitcoin as a speculative asset without an intrinsic value because it doesn’t tie to any physical commodity like fiat currencies. Many institutional investors and individuals have increasingly invested in Bitcoin to hedge against inflation. Although Bitcoin experiences rapid price fluctuations, cryptocurrency it has demonstrated the ability to retain a higher purchasing power over time, much better than fiat money.

imageThis makes it easy to back up, restore, export, and import HD wallets containing thousands or even millions of keys by simply transferring only the root seed. The root seed is most often represented by a mnemonic word sequence , as described in the previous section Mnemonic Code Words, to make it easier for people to transcribe and store it. HD wallets are created from a single root seed , which is a 128-, 256-, or 512-bit random number. Everything else in the HD wallet is deterministically derived from this root seed, which makes it possible to re-create the entire HD wallet from that seed in any compatible HD wallet.

Binance’s Instant Buy supports many fiat currencies natively, cryptocurrency and users can buy directly through those assets. Those users can buy cryptocurrency with USD, EUR or btc GBP in their Visa Card. But in countries that their national currency is not supported in Instant Buy, buying with Visa Card is a useful solution.

The user only has to have required credentials of debit or credit card. If a currency is supported in Binance Instant Buy platform, users can buy cryptocurrencies with their debit or bitcoin credit card. The procedure is as simple as buying any other online asset.

What devices can I use Binance on? How easy is it to use Binance? Account verification 10. Binance Payment methods 6. Countries supported 9. What can I do on Binance? What cryptocurrencies are supported on Binance?

The miners have already mined about 19 million Bitcoins, which are currently circulating. The Bitcoin protocol stipulates its supply is capped at 21 million tokens only. Independent miners create new coins at a pre-determined rate by the protocol, ensuring the collection does not grow too significant or slow inflation. Bitcoin’s fixed supply differentiates it from fiat currencies that governments or central banks can print and hold.

But the partnership between Visa and Binance and the long-time rivalry between two major credit companies may pose some problems in that direction. Undoubtedly many customers around the world use MasterCard for their payment and adding that solutions mean many more people can join the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Some users tweeted about supporting MasterCard in Binance Instant Buy platform.

The platform was launched in July 2017 and currently supports the exchange of over 130 coins including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple (XRP). Binance is a cryptocurrency to cryptocurrency exchange service based in Hong Kong. With the capacity to handle 1.4 million transactions every second, Binance has become the largest crypto exchange in terms of daily trading volume and managed to attract over 9 million users to its platform in just a year. Binance also has its own cryptocurrency token, the BNB (Binance Coin), which allows users to reduce their trading fees if they use the token as a trading pair.

英为财情 - 对于加密货币市场来说,今年真的可以说是「流年不顺」,比特币 (BitfinexUSD)、以太坊以及狗狗币等加密货币市场的市值已经缩水超过50.

So, what influences Bitcoin prices? Bitcoin prices will grow by considerable margins in the future. The majority of corporations, businesses, and individuals with Bitcoin holdings use it as a means of payment for goods and services. However, Bitcoin is also becoming a profitable investment asset, attracting huge trading volumes on leading crypto exchange platforms like Meta Profit App globally. Several analysts have predicted.

The most common use case for BIP0038 encrypted keys is for paper wallets that can be used to back up private keys on a piece of paper. As long as the user selects a strong passphrase, a paper wallet with BIP0038 encrypted private keys is incredibly secure and a great way to create offline bitcoin storage (also known as "cold storage").

Binance is a solid exchange for traders looking to trade between cryptocurrencies, which is why it’s one of the best known names in the business. This is largely because they have made significant strides in improving user experience and crypto security on both their exchange and wallet. Within a year, they have managed to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of market volume and crypto user-base.

"Mainland China, Japan, Canada, Luxembourg, Gibraltar, Bolivia, Ecuador, Pakistan, Colombia, Egypt, Bangladesh, Nepal, Morocco, Belarus, Congo, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Zimbabwe, and Crimea", are not supported, according to Binance announcement.

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