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a-Investors whom have, under condition, Binance signed a non-disclosure agreement for the investment loss in dispute of a specified occasion are NOT exempted from applying (are allowed to apply) for our legal action for crypto alternative occasions of investment loss in dispute as a free claimant. Therefore, these investors (claimants) may be eligibile for more than one (1) category of eligibility.

In a statement on July 29, Binance described the new venture as "a secure and regulated platform for trading digital currencies with AUD" that had been developed through dialogue and engagement with local government and communities.

If we go back and look at the Nasdaq or Amazon and cryptocurrency stuff over that period, we would see these kinds of 20% drawdowns, 15% drawdowns and then the market explodes higher again as the central banks start realizing it can’t raise rates as fast, cryptocurrency and Binance then the market does, and then everything stabilizes yet again as things move forward. "My view is that markets continue to be volatile for a bit. There’s some more downside to come.

Recently, the exchange announced plans to launch Binance UK in the United Kingdom. It also continues to add supported fiat currencies to the Binance peer-to-peer trading platform as well as multiple fiat currency options for Visa and Mastercard purchases on its platform.

b-Investors whom required the explicit usage of a Virtual Proxy Network (VPN) to access and trade any Binance product or service and incurred resulting damages within the trading occasion (date accessed) may be eligible under the Alternative Claimant category (Category 3).

Check the sender's ("from") email address: Hover your mouse over the "from" address and check if it's legitimate. Lack of this information could signal a phishing attempt. Most commonly, companies call you by your name. For example, if you received an email from Microsoft, be sure to check if the email address is and not something suspicious like,,, etc. you shouldn't trust it. It's best not to click any links in the emails but to visit the company website that sent you the email in the first place. Infected email attachments are a common attack vector used by cybercriminals. Don't blindly trust email attachments: Most commonly, legitimate companies will ask you to log in to their website and to view any documents there; if you received an email with an attachment, it's a good idea to scan it with an antivirus application. For example, if you received an email from Microsoft and the link in the email shows that it will go to Check for generic greetings: If the greeting in the email is "Dear user", "Dear", "Dear valued customer", this should raise suspiciousness. Check the links in the email: Hover your mouse over the link presented in the email, if the link that appears seems suspicious, don't click it.

The new exchange is launching as a desktop and mobile web service, with an app planned for future release. Australian users will be able to deposit AUD from their bank accounts instantly without incurring fees by using the PayID system — which is also used by other Australian exchanges.

A couple of examples of other crypto-related phishing emails are "MetaMask Email Scam" and "WalletConnect Email Scam". Emails can also be used to deliver malware. We have examined many similar emails (and pages) and found that scammers attempt to trick recipients/visitors into providing their account login credentials or transferring cryptocurrency.

Speaking to Cointelegraph Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao was coy on how successful the "lite" version had been. Binance rolled out Binance Lite Australia last year, which provided limited crypto brokerage services through a network of Australian newsagents and internet banking services.

Binance pay is the latest feature which was added in 2022. It works as a payment gateway and also you can use it for P2P payment. To use Binance pay, you need to have a verified Binance account, and then you can follow this video steps to start using Binance Pay.

"We thought that the BlackRock news would move the market, and it didn’t at all." "In a bear market, Binance the market does not respond to good news, and we know that we’re very much that we’re currently in a bear market," said Neuner.

"Through servicing Australian users with Binance Lite, we have collected valuable insights to help expand our services offered to Australian users, as well as carry over features they love -- including no-fee deposits — into Binance Australia," he added.

That is the important thing to me here…" Or all running relatively smooth in DeFi and elsewhere? Outside of some new chains clogging and the partial Maker (MKR) liquidation, any issues? "So, we are in the midst of a decent stress test, similar to last year.Streamed 2 days ago

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